Vibratory Pile Drivers Impulse VP350R


Официальный дистрибьютор завода
Компания «Традиция-К»

Технические характеристики

Weight of base machine, t22-35
Amplitude, mm6,8
Static (eccentric) moment, kgm3,5
Weight, kg1680
Working pressure, bar200-320
The oil flow, l / min190
The frequency (v. / Min.)3000
Centrifugal force, kN310
Operating pressure, bar200
Maximum pressure, bar350
Hydraulic power, kW62
Angle of rotation360
Tilt, hail90



  • • 90 ° slope to capture lying tongue
  • • 360 ° rotation for positioning the tongue
  • • Interchangeable grips immersion pipe

Easy positioning

vibrators Impulse VP350R distinguished by the presence not only of the hydraulic mechanism to rotate 360 degrees, but also equipped with a tilting mechanism 90 degrees, allowing you to lift the submersible material from ground level even in cramped urban conditions.

This facilitates the positioning and performance of the equipment increases by 30 percent.

Only the best components

To manufacture vibrators Impulse VP350R apply only the most reliable imported components and raw materials, including bearings, SKF (Sweden), motors Parker (Germany), wear-resistant steel Hardox (Sweden).

direction of vibration

The energy of this equipment is only transmitted immersion material, there is no negative impact on the excavator.

Reduced noise

Through the use of high frequency vibration technology able to achieve a significant reduction in noise levels. The equipment is perfect for work in urban areas and other areas with high requirements to the noise impact on the environment.

functionality and efficiency

Different versions of terminals (the sheet; pipe; double) can effectively immersing / removing various kinds of tongues, I-beams, pipes, etc.

Easy management

All control vibrator by using a joystick from the cab of the excavator.

After-sales service and spare parts

We provide a complete service from delivery to commissioning, as well as provide training operators to work the equipment and the basics of service.

Impulse VP350R vibrator designed engineering and design department of Technopark "Impulse", we know very well how to work the equipment, how to serve and how to achieve its maximum efficiency.

The production is fully provided with all parts - no more long waiting supply of spare parts.