Vibratory Pile Drivers Impulse VP310


Официальный дистрибьютор завода
Компания «Традиция-К»

Технические характеристики

Weight of base machine, t12-35
Amplitude, mm12
Static (eccentric) moment, kgm4
Weight, kg1050
Working pressure, bar150-250
The oil flow, l / min120-140
The frequency (v. / Min.)2900
Centrifugal force, kN310
Dynamic weight, kg678
The clamping force, t36
Maximum effort immersion / extraction, kg15500
Length, mm1460
Width, mm670
The height (including the gripping device), mm1200


Vibratory Pile Driver Impulse VP310 (hydraulic type) is used on the hydraulically operated excavator with the weight range from 12 up to 50 tons. It is applied for immersion/extraction of different types of piles:

• Sheet piles

• Double T-beams

• Tubes (additional clamp may be required)

• Composite sheet piles

• Different supports

With the maximum weight not more than 1000 kg and the depth not more than 10 meters

Vibratory Pile Driver Impulse VP310 can be used for soil compaction in combination with the tamping plate.

Delivery set consists of

• Vibratory Pile Driver Impulse VP310 (hydraulic type)

• Adapter plate (Single pin hitch)

• Adapter plate pin

Hydraulic hoses set

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