Hydraulic breaker Impulse 700EVO

Hydraulic breaker Impulse  700EVO


Официальный дистрибьютор завода
Компания «Традиция-К»

Технические характеристики

Weight of base machine, t33-50
Tool diam., mm160
Weight, kg2450
Frequency, bpm350-700
Working pressure, bar140-160
Oilflow, l/min190-250


Combination of high impact rate and impact energy provides the highest performance of Impulse 700EVO among the breakers of the same range.

The housing of the breaker is designed with special forks for over-sized materials, which should be moved at the job-site. This feature is quite actual for demolitions tasks.

Unique design features like auto-lubrication system & quite easy replacement of the single bushing save time and increase productivity of the machine. No need for stops to maintenance the breaker.

Impulse Evolution breakers work regardless of the operation conditions.