Hydraulic breaker Impulse 150

Hydraulic breaker Impulse 150


Официальный дистрибьютор завода
Компания «Традиция-К»

Технические характеристики

Weight of base machine, t5-10
Tool diam., mm75
Weight, kg315
Frequency, bpm450-900
Working pressure, bar130-150
Oilflow, l/min40-80


Impulse 150 is the most productive hydraulic breaker for the backhoe-loaders and other machines up to 10 tons. Impulse 150 is the most perfect hydraulic breaker by its technical specifications.

Main body has no through bolts, that allows to distribute fracture loads to entire breaker’s body, thereby avoiding the possibility of the through bolts damage which is one of the weakest points of 95% of breakers available in the market.

Unique technical solutions allow to reduce the quantity of consumable parts twice, and reduce service & maintenance costs up to 5 times.

All outlined features of Impulse 150 guarantee the high reliability & efficiency and low owning cost of the breaker.

Impulse 150 breaker is supplied under extended 24 months warranty.